Ready-to-use spray and wipes for safe and effective completion of each ultrasound procedure

Protex® Pro and Sani-Cloth® meets the mandate for low-level, fast-acting post-procedure disinfection.

The 100 % alcohol free formulations are safe for use on ultrasound transducers, stations and probe holders, as well as other non-critical, non-porous and non-lumened medical devices and surfaces. The disinfectants come as pre-moistened large-sized low-lint wipes or a convenient ready to use trigger spray.

Ref. no Description Qty/box
XP00390 Sani-Cloth® AF Universal 200 count Flow Wrap 267mm x 210 mm 6
43-32 Protex® Pro 500 ml RTU trigger-spray bottle 6
47-44 Protex® Pro 200 ct Canister, 200mm x 220mm wipes 6

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