The next generation interventional resection device

The EndoRotor® is a next generation interventional resection device designed to address the challenges of necrosectomy procedures, sessile lesions and incomplete resections.

The EndoRotor® is indicated for endoscopic removal of necrotic pancreas tissue and resection of tissue from within the GI tract. The tool resects and aspires  tissue simultaneously through a catheter inserted into the working channel of an endoscope.

This interventional tool replaces multiple instruments and the time necessary for instrument exchange.


  • Single resection tool designed for necrotic pancreas tissue and mucosal lesions.
  • Can replace multiple instruments and thus eliminate the time necessary for exchange of instruments.
  • Designed to make  necrosectomy procedures safe and faster.
  • Designed to remove sessile and flat lesions through simultaneous cutting and aspirating.
  • Designed to address the challenges of tissue bridges.
  • Designed to remove tissue around the lateral margin.
Ref. no Description Qty/box
ER 10-01 Endorotor® Catheter 1
ER EGD 10-01 Endorotor® EGD Catheter 1
ERC 20-01 Endorotor® Console, with foot pedal and power cord 1
ER 30-01 Endorotor® Specimen Trap 50
ER 40-01 Endorotor® Filter 100

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