iCover Covered Stent

Peripheral balloon expandable PTFE covered stent system

iCover can adapt to the most tortuous vessels due to its high flexibility and outstanding post-expansion capacity. It also offers an excellent visibility, as is the only BX covered stent with radiopaque markers on the ends of the stent, to facilitate the implantation and the post expansion.

iCover is encapsulated with iVascular new proprietary technology CoverTech. This technology attaches the inner and outer ePTFE layers through to ensure a complete encapsulation. 

ePTFE covered stent with high flexibility due to

  • Open cell design and alternated links
  • Nested peaks to avoid strut-to-strut contact

Best in class post-expansion capacity (≥2mm)
High ePTFE porosity to ensure covered stent post-expansion capacity

Enhanced visibility
Unique stent with radiopaque markers to facilitate the implantation and the post-dilation

Outstanding flexibility
of the crimped stent, avoiding the kinking during navigation

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