SOMATEX® Lung Marker System

Preoperative marking of intrapulmonary, non-palpable pulmonary nodules

The patented SOMATEX® Lung Marker System is used for the preoperative marking of intrapulmonary, non-palpable pulmonary nodules. This system is specifically designed for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) procedures.

Why is preoperative marking important?
Small and non-superficial nodules are often difficult to localize during VATS procedures, if no marking was performed before surgery.

In this case, conversion rates of up to 46%* from minimally invasive surgery to open thoracotomy have been observed due to failure of nodule localization.

* Suzuki et al., Chest 1999; 115: 563-568


  • Technique allows for precise and safe localization of small pulmonary nodules during VATS.
  • Wire can be repositioned. Marking does not fade unlike dye marking, which reduces time pressure between marking and surgery.
  • Lung Marker System can help to reduce the conversion rate to open thoracotomy.

Accuracy of localization – reduce dislocation rates

  • No blurring of dye or unintended marking of surrounding tissue.
  • The spiral shape at the distal tip of the wire enables stable anchoring in the lung parenchyma.
Ref. no Gauge Diameter Needle length Qty/box
272012 18G 1,20 mm 120 mm 10
272015 18G 1,20 mm 150 mm 10

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