M•Biopsy® Needle

Compatible with PRO-MAG™ Ultra Reusable Biopsy Instrument

The M•Biopsy® needle system is used to harvest 19mm high quality histological biopsy samples for clinical examination.

The user-friendly spacer handle facilitates easy and precise placement of the needle in the biopsy instrument. The spacer handle can also be used as a handle in case of manual needle insertion into the patient.

M•Biopsy® needles are available in a wide range of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths.

Coaxial introducer needles designed specifically to the M•Biopsy® needle are available in many gauge sizes.

Pro-Mag™ is a trademark of Medical Device Technologies Inc


  • Echogenic needle tip facilitates precise ultrasound guidance placement.
  • Excellent echogenic needle tip technology provides a smooth frictionless surface.
  • Extremely easy to load into the biopsy instrument.
  • Color coded size print indicates gauge size of the needle.
  • Centimeter markings facilitate precise depth placement.

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