M•Fixx™ Catheter Securement Device

Safe anchoring of drainage catheters ranging from 5 French to 16 French

The M•Fixx™ catheter securement device is used for safe anchoring of drainage catheters ranging from 5 French to 16 French. The product is designed to ensure effective fixation that prevents accidential catheter migration.

The low profile design allows free flowing drainage during the life of the M•Fixx™ with very little attention from the user. The hydrocolloid core provides improved patient comfort and absorbs body fluids from puncture site.

The M•Fixx™ is sterile, latex and phthalate free.


  • Excellent anchoring force to prevent accidental catheter migration
  • Foam bridge supports the catheter to prevent kinking and allow effective drainage
  • Velcro closure allows easy inspection and cleaning of puncture site
  • Hydrocolloid core absorbs puncture site fluids to provide protection from contamination and enhance patient comfort
  • One size M•Fixx™ fits drain sizes 5F to 16F for inventory simplification
  • Skin friendly to minimize skin irritation
  • Soft flexible design for improved patient comfort
  • Easy change design for device exchanges to reduce risk of catheter dislocation
  • Latex Free to prevent allergic reactions
  • Phthalate Free for peace of mind
Ref. no. Size Qty/box
A20100090 Diameter: 8.0 CM 25

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