Peripheral Support Catheter

Sergeant is a peripheral support catheter, designed to lead complex lesions procedures. It is intended to provide physicians with the needed support to cross all lesions. Sergeants outstanding guidewire support is possible thanks to its braided catheter that allows exceptional pushability and torque capacity and tapered shaft that increases the support.

iVascular HYDRAX + proprietary hydrophilic coating increases the catheter trackability allowing Sergeant to go through tortuous anatomy. In terms of visibility, Sergeant features 4 radiopaque markers that asses accurately the catheters position and lesion length.

Sergeant is intended to facilitate, guide and support a guidewire while accessing into the peripheral vasculature. It allows guidewire exchanges, and provides a conduit for the delivery of saline solutions and/ or diagnostic contrast agents.

Sergeant is indicated for patients with peripheral artery disease in small vessels or challenging anatomy during diagnostic and interventional procedures.


  • Over the wire catheter (OTW)
  • Tip: Straight or 30º Angled
  • 4 tungsten radiopaque markers
  • 4F introducer compatible
  • Braided catheter
  • 0.014”, 0.018” and 0.035” guidewire compatibilities

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