Sirius Pintuition

Wireless Breast Localization System

The Sirius Pintuition system powered by GPSDetect™ software is the only wire-free localization system that is designed to provide navigational guidance in an easy to use and intuitive package. It provides real time directional feedback using audio and visual guidance for unmatched precision to locate tumors more easily and accurately. 

“It’s like switching from a compass to full GPS”


  • Directional guidance
  • Point source localization
  • Real time millimeter accuracy
Ref. no Description Qty/box
SPS12 Sirius Pintuition Seed 14G x 12cm 10
SPS20 Sirius Pintuition Seed 14G x 20cm 10
SPP Sirius Pintuition Probe 1
SPBU Sirius Pintuition Base Unit 1

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