W–CORE II Biopsy Instrument Needle

Harvest histological core samples from soft tissue and organs

The W-Core™ II is a high-quality reusable biopsy gun designed to provide the optimal combination of maximum power and reliability. It is lightweight and can be operated and fired one-handed. The biopsy gun comes with two throw lengths – 15mm and 22m.       

The W-Core™ biopsy needle has a user-friendly spacer handle to facilitate easy and precise placement of the needle in the biopsy instrument and can also be used as a handle in case of manual needle insertion into the patient. Color coding on spacer attachment piece makes identification of accurate gauge size with and without spacer attached easy. 

The universal coaxial needle comes with a sharp trocar tip and an extra thin wall tubing. The extra thin wall tubing leads to a larger inner lumen, allowing for a higher flow rate during injections. Color coding on the hub of the needle makes it easy to identify accurate gauge size. The universal coaxial needle is compatible with the W-Core™ II biopsy needle.

The W-Core™ II needle is compatible with the BARD® MAGNUM® Biopsy Instrument.
BARD® and MAGNUM® are trademarks of C.R. Bard, Inc.


  • Large 17mm sample notch to provide sufficient tissue sample for accurate pathological examination.
  • Large selection of biopsy instrument, biopsy needle, and coaxial needle. Biopsy needle and coaxial needle available as a set for improved convenience, procurement, and inventory control.
  • Easy to load needle into biopsy instrument to promote efficiency.
Biopsy Instrument Needles
Ref. no. G Length Box
021409W 14 9 CM 20
021410W 14 10 CM 20
021412W 14 12 CM 20
021415W 14 15 CM 20
021416W 14 16 CM 20
021420W 14 20 CM 20
021609W 16 9 CM 20
021610W 16 10 CM 20
021612W 16 12 CM 20
021615W 16 15 CM 20
021616W 16 16 CM 20
021620W 16 20 CM 20
021625W 16 25 CM 20
021809W 18 9 CM 20
021810W 18 10 CM 20
021812W 18 12 CM 20
021815W 18 15 CM 20
021816W 18 16 CM 20
021820W 18 20 CM 20
021825W 18 25 CM 20
021830W 18 30 CM 20
022010W 20 10 CM 20
022015W 20 15 CM 20
022020W 20 20 CM 20

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