Wave Disposable Automatic Biopsy System

Disposable full automatic biopsy device used for core sampling from soft tissue and organs

The Wave™ fully automatic disposable biopsy device is an ergonomic and user-friendly biopsy gun designed to provide a high-quality biopsy sample. Its rectangular box design enables a firm grip to effectively transfer thumb power during one-handed 2-stage cocking in procedures where you need true one-handed operation.

The universal coaxial needle comes with a sharp trocar tip and an extra thin wall tubing. The extra thin wall tubing leads to a larger inner lumen, allowing for a higher flow rate during injections. Color coding on the hub of the needle makes identification of gauge size easy. The universal coaxial needle is compatible with Wave™ automatic biopsy needle.


  • Available in 15mm or 22mm throw length to accommodate individual procedural needs.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design to improve control and minimize needle movement during imaging.
  • Available separately or as a set with a coaxial needle for improved procurement and inventory control.

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