Our History

Nordic roots, global mindset.

History in the Making

Mermaid Medical is built on partnership. Back in 2007, Lars Vinther, our CEO, had an idea about a way to offer healthcare professionals better solutions to improve patient care – a way that was better than what the established companies could do. So, he assembled a team in the Nordic countries and together they founded Mermaid Medical.

Through this early recognition of the value of partnerships, Mermaid Medical was able to open four offices within a single year which in turn caused a further expansion of partnerships, both in terms of customers and suppliers but also in terms of colleagues joining Mermaid Medical. We were growing, and we were growing fast.

We would be lying if we said it was a smooth journey. It was not a smooth journey, and it continues to be a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs. But these ups and downs are not something that we try to hide. It is something that we talk about because it makes us better now than we were yesterday, last week, or 5 years ago. Why? Because we learn.

So, how do our learnings benefit you? Well, we have learned how to effectively distribute interventional products to our partners across Europe, USA, and Asia. And when we mastered that, we learned how to manufacture our own products. Why? Because every time we learn, we get one step closer to fulfilling our vision of wanting to help save and improve patient lives by engaging in trustworthy partnerships with healthcare professionals.

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