Vision, Mission & Values


At Mermaid Medical, we want to help save and improve patient lives by engaging in trustworthy partnerships with healthcare professionals. We pursue this through continuous development and global distribution of secure and effective interventional products


The well-being of patients is our focus and greatest concern. That is why we work in close collaboration with partners to provide the safest and most effective solutions for interventional procedures.

By always working closely with healthcare professionals, we develop solutions to optimize products and introduce them to the market – all in order to aid in efficient patient treatment


We are not going to tell you that our values are to be ambitious, to be happy, or even to respect each other. We just expect that of each other.

We want our values to reflect what is most important to us. And who knows that better than us, the employees? Well, we think no one, and that’s why we did not leave it up to upper management or some values committee to define what we value. We took it into our own hands.

For us, there are three statements that can be understood separately and as part of a whole. Allow us to explain why we trust, why we are proud, and most importantly why we are one.

We Trust that the things we do and the decisions we make are always for the well-being of each other, the improvement of patient care, and the betterment of the company

We Are Proud of the progress that we make together to ensure that as people

We Are One


What does it mean that we are one? Well, quite simply it means that we stick together. It means that we do not look at isolated interests, but that we consider our colleagues, our partners, and our company when we face decisions. It means that we go the extra mile for each other by making a cup of coffee for that colleague who is having a busy week or by giving each other a call just to check in. It means that we go the extra 100 miles for our partners by spending Sunday evening driving a product to a hospital because it is needed in a procedure Monday morning. It means that we care about each other because we understand that for us all to be the best version of ourselves, we have to acknowledge that we are one.

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