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A Collaboration Between Mermaid Medical and HØJ Elite

At Mermaid Medical, we are proud to support our local community by partnering with Ølstykke Jyllinge Handball Club. Our collaboration goes beyond sponsorship; it's about fostering talent, promoting well-being, and strengthening the bonds within our community. We proudly support both the senior and youth teams of HØJ Elite, recognizing the importance of nurturing talent at all levels.

Meet Our Players

Mikkel Olsen: Student Assistant (IT Project) at Mermaid Medical and Professional Handball Player for HØJ

Mikkel values the supportive environment at Mermaid Medical, where he can contribute to impactful projects. Similarly, his passion for handball drives him to excel on the court with HØJ, where he feels a sense of unity and achievement. Working at Mermaid enables him to prioritize both jobs equally because it provides him with the flexibility to manage both.

Lucas Garsdal: Student Assistant (Warehouse) at Mermaid Medical and Professional Handball Player for HØJ

Lucas appreciates the flexibility offered by Mermaid Medical, allowing him to pursue his professional handball career. He finds fulfillment in both environments, with Mermaid Medical providing intellectual challenges and HØJ offering physical and competitive challenges. At the same time, he draws parallels between both careers, saying: “Monday meetings at Mermaid Medical are just like strategy meetings before a game.”

Tobias Kildegaard: Student Assistant (Marketing) at Mermaid Medical and Professional Handball Player for HØJ

Tobias thinks that bringing together his passion for handball and his interest for working in Mermaid Medical is like having the best of both worlds! His passion for handball hustles up teamwork, while his work at Mermaid Medical sharpens his intellectual skills. "It's a winning combo that motivates me in every aspect – both on the court, and outside."

Integration of Work and Sport

Handball teaches invaluable skills like teamwork and dedication, which seamlessly translate into success in the workplace at Mermaid Medical. For Mikkel and Lucas, experiences on the handball court have shaped their approach to teamwork and problem-solving, enhancing their performance at Mermaid Medical.

The spirit of teamwork is not just confined to the handball field; it permeates every aspect of life at Mermaid Medical. Our "We Are One" ethos fosters collaboration and camaraderie among employees, creating a supportive environment where everyone thrives.


Collaboration with HØJ Elite

Our collaboration with HØJ Elite goes beyond sponsorship; it's a shared commitment to developing qualities like mental strength and teamwork in both sports and the workplace.


For more information visit the news section and HØJ Elite's website.

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