Exciting News: Following its FDA Stamp of Clearance, We Are Launching Single Pass' Biopsy Closure Device in the U.S.

Earlier this year, we announced our exclusive distribution deal with Single Pass for their Kronos biopsy closure device, and with its recent FDA clearance, Mermaid Medical is ready to introduce the innovative cauterization device to U.S. healthcare professionals!  


“I am thrilled that we are now able to bring the Kronos biopsy closure device to the U.S. market. This is a big step towards improving biopsy procedures and patient safety even further. We may also see a decrease in the need for post-procedure observation, making it a cost-effective solution as well.”
- Lars Vinther, CEO of Mermaid Medical. 


The Innovative Post Biopsy Solution
The Kronos biopsy closure device is a single-use, electrocautery device that can cauterize deep tissue through a guide needle, making it a safe and effective solution to help reduce the risks of hemorrhage. Millions of people go through solid organ biopsy procedures each year, and being able to effectively seal biopsy channels can help lower the need for open surgical repair, blood transfusions, and extended hospital stays.  


A Special Collaboration 
We are proud of our partnership with Single Pass, and being their commercial partner and distributor on the U.S. market perfectly aligns with our commitment to help saving and improving patient lives. With Single Pass’ innovative cauterization device and our extensive distribution capabilities we are embarking on an important and exciting journey together.
To quote dedicated Single Pass CEO Bill Colone:
Together, we aim to revolutionize biopsy closure procedures and improve patient outcomes.”


About Single Pass 
Single Pass is a medical device company committed to developing innovative solutions for post-biopsy bleeding, enhancing patient care, and improving clinical outcomes. Having developed a patented battery-powered electrocautery device for cauterizing deep tissue biopsy channels following solid organ procedures, Single Pass aims to ensure easy and safe biopsy procedures. Headquartered in California, USA, Single Pass is at the forefront of medical technology advancements. 

Exciting News: Introducing the Advanced TP Pivot Pro™

21 June 2024

We are excited to introduce the TP Pivot Pro™ for transperineal prostate biopsy procedures to UK healthcare professionals. Developed by the dedicated team at CIVCO Medical Solutions, this device enables a smarter approach to prostate biopsies.

Peaks & Purpose: Gwent IR and Mermaid Medical’s Mountain Mission

06 June 2024

With its spectacular scenery and demanding nature, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge welcomes many hikers – and June 1st was no exception. Last Saturday, Mermaid Medical and Gwent Interventional Radiology laced up their hiking boots, put on their green caps, and grabbed their walking sticks to set out on a challenging journey together in the name of charity.

Walking the Talk: Investing in Our Employee Health & Well-being

07 May 2024

At Mermaid Medical, we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we want to support our employees the best ways possible – and one of the ways we do so is by investing in their physical well-being. Offering monthly reimbursement for any fitness-related activities to all our staff – whether it’s hot yoga, salsa, or a golf club membership – makes it possible for everyone to do exactly the kind of exercise that makes their heart beat a little bit faster. 

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