Passion Meets Purpose – We Support Talent.

Passion Meets Purpose – We Support Talent.

Passion Meets Purpose – We Support Talent.

Mermaid Medical has an exciting partnership with HØJ Elite - it's more than just supporting local sports; it's about nurturing talent, boosting community well-being, and helping young players grow.

The Essence of the Partnership

Mermaid Medical's collaboration with HØJ Elite extends beyond traditional sponsorship; it's a deep-rooted alliance aimed at supporting both the youth and Elite teams of HØJ. This partnership reflects a mutual dedication to enhancing life through sports, emphasizing the development of skills, and fostering a healthy lifestyle across all ages.

Spotlight on our Champions

Among the Mermaid Medical team, several employees stand out for their dual roles as committed professionals and passionate handball players for HØJ Elite: Mikkel Olsen and Lucas Garsdal are shining examples. Both juggle their careers at Mermaid Medical with their roles as professional handball players, benefiting from Mermaid Medicals supportive and flexible work environment. This unique balance allows them to excel both in the office and on the court, highlighting the synergy between professional development and athletic pursuit.

Into the Collaboration

The partnership brings to light the invaluable skills learned through handball, such as teamwork, dedication, and strategic thinking, which are directly applicable to professional success at Mermaid Medical. The "We Are One" ethos at Mermaid Medical mirrors the spirit of handball, fostering an environment of collaboration and support where every individual is empowered to thrive.

Watch the Video

Hear directly from Mikkel and Lucas, and see firsthand how Mermaid Medical and HØJ Elite are making a difference in the video at our page HØJ Elite x Mermaid (



Exciting News: Introducing the Advanced TP Pivot Pro™

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06 June 2024

With its spectacular scenery and demanding nature, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge welcomes many hikers – and June 1st was no exception. Last Saturday, Mermaid Medical and Gwent Interventional Radiology laced up their hiking boots, put on their green caps, and grabbed their walking sticks to set out on a challenging journey together in the name of charity.

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