Mermaid Medical Group Introduces Latest Rotational Thrombectomy Technology

Mermaid Medical Group announces commercial availability of D*Clot® HD Rotational Thrombectomy System to safely and effectively macerate and aspirate thrombus in AV fistulae and graft

Mermaid Medical Group Introduces Latest Rotational Thrombectomy Technology




Mermaid Medical Group, a privately-owned international provider of minimally invasive medical devices, today announced U.S. commercial availability of the D*Clot® HD Rotational Thrombectomy System.

Over 400,000 patients in the United States are dependent on hemodialysis. AV access thrombosis is the leading cause of permanent access loss and may lead to missed dialysis sessions and costly inpatient admissions.1 Thrombus removal in a safe and effective manner will allow patients to immediately return to their dialysis treatment.

The D*Clot® HD system is raising the standard of safe and effective thrombectomy by integrating several purpose-build features to include manual aspiration, solid single-piece tip design and increased tactile response. D*Clot® HD’s engineered advancements provide effective thrombectomy without compromising safety.

‘I am excited to announce the commercial availability of D*Clot® HD in U.S.’’ said Lars Vinther, CEO of Mermaid Medical Group headquartered in Denmark. ‘’In our early clinical experience, D*Clot® is showing the benefit of safe and effective thrombectomy. D*Clot® HD is an extremely interesting technology, and we will keep assigning resources to further benefit from its potential.’’

In 2018, the company announced the acquisition of the Angel® Catheter which established the company’s presence in the vascular space. The commercial availability of D*Clot® HD affirms Mermaid Medical Group’s commitment to being an expert in clot management.

About Mermaid Medical Group

Mermaid Medical Group is a privately owned company established in 2007 devoted to developing, manufacturing, and distributing medical devices to hospitals and end users across Europe, the U.S., and Asia. Mermaid Medical primarily works within solutions to diseases in the vascular system as well as other devices used in interventional radiology and strive to be the preferred partner for manufacturers as well as hospitals and healthcare professionals in order to help patients across the world. For more information, visit

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Mermaid Medical at CIRSE 2023

05 September 2023

As Mermaid Medical exhibits at CIRSE 2023, we show our commitment to engage in healthcare innovations. We envision a future where medical technology not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to enhance patient outcomes. 

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