Mermaid Medical Group will be the exclusive distributor of BiopSafe in the United Kingdom.

Mermaid Medical Group announces exclusive distribution agreement for BiopSafe in the United Kingdom

Mermaid Medical Group announces exclusive distribution agreement for BiopSafe in the United Kingdom

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 2022

Mermaid Medical Group announced today that they have entered an exclusive distribution agreement for BiopSafe in the United Kingdom. The agreement is another step towards providing safe and effective solutions to healthcare professionals. The agreement is effective from February 1st, 2022.

“BiopSafe is a new and revolutionary method of handling biopsies, which can help protect medical personnel all over the world,” says Daniel Lennartz, Sales & Marketing Director in Europe for Mermaid Medical Group. “We are excited to have BiopSafe as part of our portfolio in the UK as well.”

Millions of biopsies are handled in hospitals and clinics every day. This process generally involves the use of formaldehyde, which poses a severe health risk. BiopSafe delivers an efficient solution to this problem by providing safe formaldehyde handling with a simple push of the thumb. The result is that no personnel are exposed to formalin in either liquid or vapor form.

“We have been working with Mermaid Medical in the Nordics for more than 5 years, and we therefore have an established relationship with them,” says Ferran Umbert Jakobsen, Global Sales Director for BiopSafe. “I am confident that Mermaid Medical Group is the right partner to introduce safe biopsy handling to healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom.”


About Mermaid Medical Group

Mermaid Medical Group is a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, primarily within solutions to diseases in the vascular system as well as other devices used in interventional radiology. Mermaid Medical Group, headquartered outside Copenhagen, Denmark, was founded in 2007 and has since then worked tirelessly to provide the safest and most effective solutions to save and improve patient lives. Mermaid Medical Group is the exclusive distributor of several world-leading producers of medical devices with a global sales force working out of 10 sales offices in Europe, USA, and Asia.


About BiopSafe

BiopSafe is a manufacturer of an innovative solution eliminating exposure to dangerous formaldehyde, protecting doctors and nurses all over the world. This unique innovation paved the way for the establishment BiopSafe which was founded in 2014. BiopSafe is headquartered in Copenhagen with a global distribution network.

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