HemCon Patch®

Hemostatic Dressing

Where Bleeding Stops™

Hemostatic dressing for the external bleeding control HemCon Patch® PRO is a hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds intended for emergency use.

The HemCon Patch® PRO also controls bleeding in patients following hemodialysis and is indicated for the control of bleeding from the skin at percutaneous needle access, vascular access and percutaneous catheter access sites.

HemCon Patch® PRO is fabricated from chitosan, a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide.

Stops arterial bleeding
• Post catherization procedures
• Diagnostic or interventional radiology
• Electrophysiology lab procedures
• Following hemodialys

Ref. no.  Specification Qty/box
1004 HemCon Patch® PRO 4 cm x 4 cm 10

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