Strategic Innovation Boost Joins Mermaid Medical

In a strategic move to boost innovation, Mermaid Medical proudly welcomes Adrian Ravenscroft as the Vice President of Research & Development and Business Development, effective January 2nd, 2024. Adrian's new role positions him as an essential force in shaping the path of Mermaid Medical's growth, bringing with him over thirty years of experience in medical device development and operations.


Strategic Vision and Innovation
Adrian's appointment marks a strategic leap forward. "I'm excited to join Mermaid Medical in driving innovation and shaping the future of MedTech. My goal is to leverage the collective expertise of our teams, pushing boundaries and ensuring that Mermaid Medical remains an innovator in delivering advanced solutions." His background spans Class II and III devices in radiology, oncology, and nephrology. Formerly, Adrian led R&D teams to develop innovative products including endovascular stenting systems, vascular access systems, and retrieval systems. His academic achievements include NSF grants and publications in top journals. On the business side, Adrian has licensed medical device technologies, showcasing skills in analysis, due diligence, and intellectual property. Adrian's wealth of experience will lead the development of innovative solutions, with his strategic vision playing a key role in shaping Mermaid Medical's future. At the core of Adrian's responsibilities is the cultivation of collaboration within Mermaid Medical's R&D and manufacturing teams.


Cultural Transformation for Excellence. Adrian's impact extends beyond strategy and development. Highlighting the cultural facet of his role, Adrian states, "I believe in fostering a culture of creativity and excellence. By inspiring our development teams, we can elevate Mermaid Medical's standards and create an environment that not only satisfies our employees but also contributes significantly to the overall success of the company."

His leadership style emphasizes teamwork and active involvement, mirroring Mermaid Medical's core values. By fostering a culture of collaboration, Adrian aims to bind the collective expertise of the teams, pushing Mermaid Medical toward greater success.

As Mermaid Medical embraces this new chapter of strategic innovation, under Adrian's leadership, we anticipate a future marked by achievements and excellence. Together, we look forward to reaching new heights in the MedTech industry, driven by a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a culture of excellence.


Mermaid Medical Group. We are a global, privately held Danish MedTech company committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to healthcare professionals. We develop, manufacture, and distribute medical devices to hospitals and end users across Europe, the U.S., and Asia. With a diverse portfolio of medical devices and a strong presence in the industry, we are dedicated to advancing patient care and improving clinical outcomes.
We believe in forming close partnerships, not just with our suppliers and customers, but with our employees too. We value trust, cooperation, and openness. We're not just a company; we are a family. We trust in the decisions we make for the well-being of each other, the improvement of patient care, and the betterment of our company. We take pride in the progress we make together, at Mermaid Medical, We Are One.

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Anna Erlang
Mermaid Medical Group

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