Beacon™ and Cassi® Star Breast Biopsy Markers

Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) breast biopsy markers designed to provide permanent visibility under different modalities

The unique Beacon™ and Cassi® Star breast biopsy markers are made from Polyetherketoneketone with barium sulfate for permanent visibility. The 14G double wing designed delivery device allows the operator to unsheathe the biopsy marker to enable precise placement.

Beacon™ 3-hole design and the eight deep cut edges in Cassi® Star secure bright reflection of ultrasound waves and tissue fixation and makes it easy to distinguish between the two.


Long-term visibility

  • Designed for permanent and excellent visibility in ultrasound imaging.
  • Visible in all imaging modalities including mammography, ultrasound and MRI.

Innovative marker shapes

  • Two distinctive shapes to provide different marker options and easy distinction between multiple biopsy sites.

Intelligent delivery

  • Double wing 14G handle design with the option to unsheathe biopsy marker to promote accurate placement.
Ref. no Description Needle size Marker size Qty/box
BM1412-50 Beacon™ 14G x 12cm 1,5 x 5 mm 10
SM1412-50 Cassi® Star 14G x 12cm 1,5 x 5 mm 10


Cassi® Star

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