Curaway™ Automatic Biopsy System

Fully Automatic Biopsy System for high-quality biopsy sample

The Curaway™ fully automatic disposable biopsy device is a user-friendly biopsy gun designed to provide a high-quality biopsy sample. The designers were highly focused on ergonomic design to secure a comfortable grip, independent of device orientation. Low force 2-stage fire arming secures a high-quality sample without compromising device fire power.   

The Curaway™ coaxial needle comes with a sharp trocar tip and color coding on the needle stopper to ease identification of gauge size. The needle features an additional blunt stylet to minimize damage to tissue, vasculature, and organs. The Curaway™ coaxial needle is compatible with the Curaway™ automatic biopsy needle.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design to secure comfortable grip, increase control, and minimize needle movement during imaging.
  • Available separately or as a set with a coaxial needle for improved procurement and inventory control.
  • 2-stage fire arming provides reduction in force needed to cock device.

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