D*Clot® HD Thrombectomy System

High Speed • Low Torque

The D*Clot® HD is a fully disposable system that is ready to use. No assembly required. It is indicated for mechanical declotting of AV dialysis fistulae and grafts.

High Speed • Low Torque

  • Rotates at approximately 10,000RPM’s allowing for low torque

Active aspiration function • 6Fr catheter shaft

  • Negative pressure aids in thrombus maceration by drawing and holding thrombus near the rotating tip
  • Catheter shaft provides maneuverability through tortuous anatomy and pushability to transverse thrombus

Reverse function

  • Allows tip to be backed out of tight anatomy
  • Increases tactile feel by separating the weight of the battery pack
  • Wall to wall contact up to 10mm vessels
  • Smaller surface area reducing clot rotation phenomenon providing better maceration
  • Solid single-piece tip design to increase strength and avoid dislodgement
  • Retraction of distal tip provides steerability through tortuous vascular anatomy and allows for navigation around opposing sheaths
  • Effective navigation results in maceration of thrombus in challenging anatomical areas
Item no. Diameter Length Pcs/Box



65 CM 1

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