Endoscopic Needle

For use with Endoscopic Marker

The success of an endoscopic tattoo highly depends on the application of the endoscopic marker at the correct depth. This needle is specifically designed for safe injection of the endoscopic marker at the correct depth. Sharp, flexible and with the appropriate needle length for safe and accurate submucosal injection.


  • Very sharp needle tip specifically designed for safe and easy submucosal.
  • Shielded tip prevents the needle from damaging the outer tube or the working channel.
  • Strong outer tube facilitates easy advancement through complicated anatomic structures.
  • Highly lubricant PTFE outer tube for easy passage through the
    working channel.
  • User friendly handle design with easy locking mechanism makes the needle very comfortable to use.
Ref. no Description Qty/box
EMN2504 Endoscopic Needle 25G x 4mm, 1,8 x 2300 mm tube 10

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