M•Biopsy® Semi-Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Spring loaded biopsy instrument

The M•Biopsy® Semi-Automatic, spring loaded biopsy instrument is compact, lightweight, disposable and adjustable.

An optional “sure-fit” coaxial introducer needle is available packaged separately (N302) or packaged in combination with the matching M•Biopsy® Semi-Automatic Biopsy Instrument (NS301).


  • Sharp cannula for safe and painless percutaneous insertion and penetration.
  • Centimeter markings for optimal penetration control.
  • “Sure-fit” design.
  • Specimen notch indicator on handle for easy identification
  • Color coded for easy gauge size determination.
  • Adjustable specimen notch adjusts exposing either 10mm or 20mm slot providing clinical flexibility.
  • Echogenic cannula tip for correct positioning under ultrasound guidance.

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