MaxBlate™ Microwave Ablation System

A New Portable Generation 

XphereTip® - ThyTip™ - SureTip® Antennas

MaxBlate™ Microwave Ablation System is a new portable solid state system that ensures stable microwave output. It comes with an interactive and sensitive touchscreen with adjustable power, time, and temperature which makes it very user-friendly. In addition, its innovative interface allows the user to monitor and provides instant feedback for safe use.

Continuous and pulsed modes are available for different clinical options. 

  • Patented radiation control technology and fully cooled antenna that guarantees an ultraspherical shape of the ablation zone
  • Enhanced product safety that gives the benefit of strength and stiffness
  • New coating which gives the user a perfect and smooth puncture movement, also avoiding tissue adhesion in an efficient way
  • Echogenic design that gives the user enhanced visibility
  • Available in 15G in different lengths
  • 3mm active tip optimized for the ablation of superficial and small thyroid with a uniform and well controlled result
  • Excellent echogenicity and tip visibility for accurate guidance to the target area under ultrasound
  • Internally water cooled and operate by moving shot to avoid tissue overheating
  • As thin as 18G, less invasive
  • High performance material to ensure better connection and strength
  • Unique shaft coating material to avoid tissue adhesion
  • Sharp needle tip and thin diameter, making it less invasive
  • Internally water cooled antenna with intelligent temperature control
  • Signal enhancement design for better visibility under CT or ultrasound guidance
  • High efficiency detachable cable, unique enhanced connection with the antenna
Ref. no Frequency Display Energy Output Time Setting Working Power Weight Size
KY-2000A 2450 Mhz 7 inch Touchscreen 5-100W 1-30 Minutes 100V-240V 50-60 Hz 12 kg 46x40x18cm


XphereTip® Antennas

Ref. no Diameter Active Tip Total Length
KY-2450B-QT4 15G 25 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-QT5 15G 25 MM 150 MM
KY-2450B-QT6 15G 25 MM 200 MM
KY-2450B-QT7 15G 25 MM 250 MM
KY-2450B-QT8 15G 25 MM 300 MM


ThyTip™ Antennas

Ref. no Diameter Active Tip Total Length
KY-2450B-5 16G 3 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-13 16G 3 MM 70 MM
KY-2450B-3 17G 3 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-4 18G 3 MM 70 MM


SureTip® Antennas

Ref. no Diameter Active Tip Total Length
KY-2BAC-24A 15G 11 MM 100 MM
KY-2BAC-24B 15G 11 MM 150 MM
KY-2BAC-24D 15G 11 MM 200 MM
KY-2BAC-24F 15G 11 MM 250 MM


Set of SureTip® Antennas and Co-axial Cable

Ref. no Diameter Active Tip Total Length
KY-2450B-T4 15G 11 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-T6 15G 11 MM 150 MM
KY-2450B-T7 15G 11 MM 200 MM
KY-2450B-T10 15G 11 MM 250 MM
KY-2450B-T1 16G 11 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-T2 16G 11 MM 150 MM
KY-2450B-T3 16G 11 MM 200 MM
KY-2BBC-24D 16G 11 MM 250 MM
KY-2450B-T5 18G 11 MM 100 MM
KY-2450B-T11 18G 11 MM 150 MM
KY-2450B-T13 18G 11 MM 200 MM
Ref. no Description Length Specifications
KY-B-2B-B-200 MWA Co-axial Cable - XphereTip® Antennas 2000 MM Blue
KY-B-2B-G-280 MWA Co-axial Cable - ThyTip™ & SureTip® Antennas 2800 MM Grey
KY-NPTC-1-01 Trolley for use with MaxBlate™ generator    

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