Mozec PEB 14 & 35

Paclitaxel Eluting PTA Balloon Catheter, OTW

Mozec PEB is a paclitaxel-coated PTA balloon catheter indicated for treating peripheral vessels with obstructive disease, sub-total, or totally occluded vessel. With a drug dose of 3µg/mm², Mozec PEB upgrades the efficiency to treat and manage patients with long, diffused disease up to 200mm at one go.

Mozec PEB is compatible with 0.014’’ and 0.035’’ guidewires.


  • Long balloon length (200mm) reduce the need for multiple balloons and subsequent exposure time
  • Securing outcomes with proprietary drug adhesion technology
  • Improved efficiency – 95% of the drug transferred to vessel wall in the first 30 sec.
  • Slow and sustained release of paclitaxel drug from solid to soluble phase for up to 180 days

Peripheral Balloons

MOZEC PEB PTA 14 (Drug Coated): Usable Catheter Length: 80 cm *A & 135 cm *B
  Stent Length (mm)

Diameter (mm)

40 60 80 120 150 200 250


MO14P020040 MO14P020060 MO14P020080 MO14P020120 MO14P020150 MO14P020200 MO14P020250


MO14P025040 MO14P025060 MO14P025080 MO14P025120 MO14P025150 MO14P025200 MO14P025250


MO14P030040 MO14P030060 MO14P030080 MO14P030120 MO14P030150 MO14P030200 MO14P030250


MO14P035040 MO14P035060 MO14P035080 MO14P035120 MO14P035150 MO14P035200 MO14P035250


MO14P040040 MO14P040060 MO14P040080 MO14P040120 MO14P040150 MO14P040200 MO14P040250



MOZEC PEB PTA 35 (Drug Coated): Usable Catheter Length: 80 cm *A & 135 cm *B
  Stent Length (mm)

Diameter (mm)

40 60 80 120 150 200 250 300


MO35P030040 MO35P030060 MO35P030080 MO35P030120 MO35P030150 MO35P030200 MO35P030250 MO35P030300


MO35P040040 MO35P040060 MO35P040080 MO35P040120 MO35P040150 MO35P040200 MO35P040250 MO35P040300


MO35P050040 MO35P050060 MO35P050080 MO35P050120 MO35P050150 MO35P050200 MO35P050250 MO35P050300


MO35P060040 MO35P060060 MO35P060080 MO35P060120 MO35P060150 MO35P060200 MO35P060250 MO35P060300


MO35P070040 MO35P070060 MO35P070080 MO35P070120 MO35P070150 - - -


MO35P080040 MO35P080060 MO35P080080 MO35P080120 MO35P080150 - - -


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