Endomyocardial Biopsy Forceps

A biopsy design proven by over 30 years of successful use.

The same sharp and steerable advantages in a new disposable format.

Scholten Novatome™ is specially designed to acquire maximum specimen size for more accurate pathology results. The two-ringed handle easily adapt to any thumb position. The handle provides a solid instrument feel.

With a reputation for its ease of positioning and heart rhythm feedback, Scholten Bioptomes have earned high praise. The Novatome™ Single use, disposable unit eliminates the risk of contamination. Scholten model is the best choice for safety and precision. Clearly, with a pedigree of more than 30 years of clinical experience, the new disposable model Novatome™ will continue to set the standard worldwide.

Ref. no French size Length Jaw cup dia. Qty/box
SU104-50 6 50cm 2.0mm 1
SU104-100 6 100cm 2.0mm 1
SU103-50 7 50cm 2.3mm 1
SU103-100 7 100cm 2.3mm 1
SU103-100 PC 7 100cm 2.3mm 1
SU102-50 8 50cm 2.7mm 1
SU101-50 9 50cm 3.0mm 1

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