Obtura Vascular Closure Device

Obtura is a collagen based convenient 3-step mechanical vascular closure device for effective hemostasis. The special design of Obtura is compatible with the standard existing introducer sheath used during the interventional procedures leading to less blood loss.

Obtura facilitates patient friendly sealing with the implant deployed at the puncture site which gets completely absorbed. The efficient Anchor-Collagen plug (Bovine type-I) sandwiches the arteriotomy and gives rapid hemostasis at puncture site.

The device is available in 6Fr and 8Fr.

Ref. no.  Specification Qty/box
OBT6F 6Fr device compatible with 6Fr & 7Fr Introducer Sheath 1
OBT8F 8Fr device compatible with 8F & 9Fr Introducer Sheath 1

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