Kronos Electrocautery Device

The Single Pass Kronos Electrocautery Device for post-biopsy closure 

The Single Pass Kronos Electrocautery Device is an innovative post-biopsy closure device designed with precision and safety as top priorities. This patented, disposable, electrocautery tool is designed to help reduce post-biopsy bleeding, minimize the risk of hemorrhage, and reduce the need for certain medications. 

The Kronos Device can cauterize tissue through a guide needle and  allows the use of larger needles for more substantial tissue samples with fewer passes. The heated probe tip efficiently seals the biopsy channel, enhancing safety for high-risk patients.

When using Kronos, you are guaranteed state-of-the-art electrocautery equipment, facilitating seamless, precise, and safe biopsy procedures.  


  • Fully adjustable to align with various needle lengths to ensure full cauterization of the biopsy channel. 
  • Battery-powered heating element effectively heats the probe tip for full tissue cauterization. 
  • Portable and ergonomically designed handle for comfort and ease of use.
Item no. Size "A" Working Length  Outer Diameter  Compatible with Needle Guide Size  Qty/box


17 cm


10 cm



22 cm


15 cm 



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Available in USA only. FDA510(k) Cleared. 

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