Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles

The SnareCoil® Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle is a specimen capturing device that has been introduced to minimize the need for external manipulations of the needle and to help the user ensure recovery of adequate specimens.

The SnareCoil® Bone Marrow Biopsy needle is a specimen capturing needle that incorporates a tiny internal snare mechanism that coils around the tip of the specimen after it has entered the needle and thereby captures it.


  • Ergonomically designed to minimize hand and arm fatigue.
  • Extra sharp trocar point on needle stylet allows for easy penetration of the cortex.
  • Marked probe, allowing clinician to verify specimen retention.
  • ISO Luer fitting in handle.
  • “OPEN” and “CLOSED” position designations for internal SNARECOIL®.
  • Cannula has “Quintuple Peaks” providing superior coring ability.
  • Tip probe guide to help facilitate safe placement of probe during specimen removal.
  • NeedleVISE™ protection included for securing sharps after use
Ref. no Description Qty/box
RBN-84 8G x 4 inch (10 cm) 10
RBN-86 8G x 6 inch (15 cm) 10
RBN-114S 11G x 4 inch (10 cm) 10
RBN-116 11G x 6 inch (15 cm) 10
RBN-133 13G x 3 inch (8 cm) 10

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