Tumark® Breast Biopsy Markers

Sand-blasted nitinol breast biopsy markers designed to provide excellent visibility in ultrasound imaging

The Tumark® family marker systems non-absorbent and self-expanding nitinol material enables long-term stability and visibility.

The markers are easily deployed single-handed with a low-profile 18G delivery device for minimal invasive and precise marking of breast lesion. Intelligent and differentiated three-dimensional shapes allow for ultrasound visibility from all transducer positions and provides tissue fixation.

Long-term visibility

  • Designed for excellent visibility in ultrasound imaging.
  • Visible in all imaging modalities including mammography, ultrasound and MRI.

Innovative marker shapes

  • Four distinctive shapes to provide a wide range of marker options, and easy distinction between multiple biopsy sites.

Low-profile delivery

  • Ergonomic 18G handle grips with easy-to-use slider for convenient one-handed positioning of the marker.
  • Immediate marker expansion.
  • MRI compatible handle available
Ref. no Description Needle size Marker size Handle type Qty/box
271590 Tumark Vision 18G x 12 cm 7 x 3,5 mm Long 10
271560 Tumark Professional U 18G x 12 cm 4,2 x 4 mm Long 10
601570 Tumark Professional U - MRI compatible 18G x 12 cm 4,2 x 4 mm Long 10
271555 Tumark Professional Q 18G x 12 cm 4 x 3,5 mm Long 10
271512 Tumark Eye 18G x 12 cm 7,5 x 2,5 mm Long 10

Tumark® Vision

Tumark® Professional U

Tumark® Professional Q

Tumark® Eye

Tumark® Vision - Ultrasound visibility

Tumark® U - Ultrasound visibility

Tumark® Q - Ultrasound visibility

Tumark® Eye - Ultrasound visibility

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