AccuCARE™ Accessory Kits

For Transperineal and Transrectal Interventions

AccuCARE™ accessory kits are a cost effective solution providing all accessories needed to perform ultrasound-guided brachytherapy or other transperineal procedures.

Each kit contains 20 complete procedures comprised of Template Grids (1), System Drapes (1), Endocavity Balloons (1).

Single-use, low-profile design of the endocavity balloon features an adjustable inflation control mechanism to control the offset between transducer and prostate for enhanced ultrasound imaging.

Single-use drape provides a protective barrier for AccuCARE products such as stabilizers and positioners during prostate detection and treatment procedures.

The clear material allows for easy identification and manipulation of AccuCARE instruments.

Sterile, single-use template grids consist of rows and columns of holes spaced 5mm apart, providing accurate placement of radioactive seeds in predefined areas of the prostate.

The single-use grid is sterile and is a cost-effective solution for an infection-controlled environment.

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