Latex Free Endocavity Covers

Especially popular for OB/GYN scanning procedures, CIV-Flex™ is a soft, pliable material comfortable for patients.

The durable CIV-Flex™ material is acoustically transparent, offering distortion-free imaging.

Designed specifically for ultrasound use, CIV-Flex™ slides easily over transducers and is a recommended alternative for latex-sensitive patients and professionals.

Sterile cover kits include gel packet and colored elastic bands.

The Eclipse transducer cover is a pre-gelled, latex-free endocavity transducer cover. The cover is made of a pliable, polyethylene material.

Use of the cover reduces the concerns of cross-contamination and protects the transducer during ultrasound procedures.

Each non-sterile cover is pre-gelled with Aquasonic® 100 transmission gel and is individually packaged.

NeoGuard is a rolled, latex-free material specially designed for ultrasound use.

Recommended for patients and professionals with latex protein sensitivities, these high-quality covers are available for popular endocavity transducers.

Covers include colored elastic bands.Sterile gel packets available separately.

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