TP Pivot Pro™

Prostate biopsy needle-guide developed by CIVCO Medical Solutions 

The TP Pivot Pro™ is designed by CIVCO Medical Solutions for the minimally invasive transperineal prostate biopsy approach. The disposable needle-guide is compatible with the vast majority of ultrasound probes, enabling the freehand technique.    

TP Pivot Pro is highly adjustable with various height settings, as well as a pivoting mechanism that allows the needle to angle +/- 20 degrees upwards and downwards from its initial parallel path, to ensure optimum biopsy procedure. 

The TP Pivot Pro is designed with clinicians, for clinicians, for a smarter approach to prostate biopsies.

  • Designed to fit most ultrasound probes, and the secure transducer attachment eliminates the need for tape
  • Featuring five height settings, the adjustments can be made without removing the device from the guide or the patient, ensuring a smooth and efficient process
  • Pivoting coaxial needle allows precise and full prostate access
  • Enables the freehand, minimally invasive approach
  • Single-use device
  • Can be used under local or general anesthesia

Currently pending UKCA clearance.  

The TP Pivot Pro™ enables the freehand, minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided transperineal approach. This approach has been shown to reduce risks of infection, improve access to all areas of the prostate, and potentially eliminate the need for antibiotics altogether.

The TP Pivot Pro™ is universally compatible with most bi-plane probes and requires no tape for secure attachment. The adjustable transducer clamping knob ensures stable positioning for improved needle visualization. 

The TP Pivot Pro™ has a pivoting coaxial needle that can adjust up to 20 degrees upwards and downwards from its initial parallel path, ensuring precise and full access to the prostate. It also allows for height adjustment without removing the coxial guide from the probe or the patient. 

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TP Pivot Pro™ guide only 5


TP Pivot Pro™ with 2.6 x 30cm sterile NeoGuard cover



TP Pivot Pro™ with 2.0 x 30cm sterile NeoGuard cover


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